Payment Processing for Age Restricted Industries

Verify Your Customer’s Age Before Accepting Funds integrates with your payment gateway so you can accept payments for your age-restricted products. Improve regulatory compliance, reduce chargebacks and fraud, and verify customer information using the world’s largest identity networks.

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Don’t lose customers with time consuming or confusing age verification. AgeChecker.Net verifies age based on customer information instantly. Most customers only need to enter their date of birth, as we retrieve their information automatically from your checkout form.


Most plugins, such as shopping carts and payment gateways, are not designed to verify age. They simply facilitate the payment and billing process so that you can accept credit cards and ACH transfers from customers and receive funds quickly through a merchant account. For most businesses, payment software is a standard, easily-implemented tool for ecommerce.

As federal and state laws change in regard to age-restricted products, your business needs to be protected from the potential liability of selling to underage consumers. Age verification software allows your online store to operate legally by working together with your online payment gateway to prevent underage access to your age-restricted goods or services.

Businesses selling age-restricted products online face a unique set of complex challenges. To operate legally, you are required to verify age—but need to do so in a minimally invasive way so as not to harm your conversion rate.

Age verified payment processing is a consolidated solution to streamline order placement for age-restricted merchandise, filling a significant compliance gap for businesses selling anything that isn’t meant for minors.

Age verification software interrupts the checkout process to verify age pre-payment. Integrated with the checkout process, age verification occurs in the background before a customer’s payment is accepted and processed. Laws state that consumers’ ages must be checked before a transaction occurs, so it’s important that this happens before your online payment gateway processes the transaction. A customer can only check out after their age has been confirmed, eliminating the need to void or refund transactions if the customer is found to be underage after their payment is accepted.

Markets that rely on age verified payment processing are those that sell anything age-restricted. Some examples are tobacco, alcohol, adult, weapons, certain supplements, or anything that is potentially harmful to children. Other markets may not be required by law to verify age, but simply want to filter their products to adults, reduce fraud and chargebacks, and stay ahead of potential regulations.


Your online payment gateway, such as, and age verification software, such as, work together to create a seamless checkout process for the customer while making it efficient for you to avoid selling to minors.

After the customer has entered their billing and shipping information, the pop-up appears and prompts the customer to enter their date of birth. Name, address, and date of birth are cross-referenced against our extensive database of identity networks to confirm the customer’s age. We are partnered with several of the largest data providers in the U.S., which allows us to verify about 90% of orders instantly.

If further authentication is necessary (about 10% of orders), your customer is prompted to submit a photo ID, such as a driver’s license, state-issued identification card or passport. Our 24/7 live team manually verifies these cases, accepting or declining the order in a matter of seconds. If a customer is required to upload an ID, they won’t have to again for subsequent orders on any website in our broad network.

You can set varying minimum ages based on the customer’s location (state, county, city, or zip code) or block purchasing from specific areas, using our customizable localization tools. Or, you may choose to require an ID for every sale, use our industry-specific presets that adapt in response to new laws, create a custom workflow using our flexible API, or create your own approval rules—the choices are all yours, and we’re here to assist you every step of the way.


Age verification software is both a regulatory compliance tool (for industries that are legally obliged to verify age) and a best practice (for industries that aren’t required to verify age, but do so to hone in on their target age group, prevent chargebacks, or sell something that is potentially harmful to children if not used as directed). Industries we serve include:

• Tobacco and ecigarette/vape

• Firearms and firearm-related products

• Weapons such as tasers and knives

• Alcohol

• Cannabis and CBD

• Online dating

• Adult content/products

• Fireworks

• Age-specific gaming

• Online gambling

• Social media

• Potentially toxic products if not used as directed (solvents, paints, aerosols, etc.)

• Lottery

  • alcohol-img
  • firearms-img
  • gaming-img
  • tobacco-img
  • vape-img

This is not an exhaustive list, as many businesses use age verification to get to know their customers, prevent fraud and chargebacks, and more.


We provide age verified payment processing in one streamlined solution so that you don’t have to work with multiple providers. Take the stress and challenges from age verified payment processing so that your business can remain in compliance and lead your industry by demonstrating the highest standard of compliance and social responsibility.

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